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Strategic consulting

Advising the Client in developing a strategic analysis is a permanent feature of the action of the Cabinet on which we have developed a real know-how.

Strategic analysis identifies the strengths and weaknesses of each situation to maximize the former and mitigate the latter by action recorded in time.

This we can intervene at your side to help you identify and implement the best strategies to follow in all cases or legal proceedings.

Strategic analysis is based on five principles:

  1. knowledge of its customers, its environment and issues of its functioning.

  2. the consistent and clear vision of the goal. 

  3. Knowledge of the opponent, its operations and its motivations. 

  4. the ability to determine the most appropriate actions to save his client from a position of strength and minimize its risks,

  5. conduct ongoing strategy to double objective: to prepare the trial while positioning themselves to create the conditions for an agreement as favorable as possible,

Understand and advise his client to help make the best choice requires empathic listening to understand and distinguish its goals and motivations and also requires a systemic understanding of interactions in which it operates.

Training of Maître VAUTHIER led him to work on one hand the ability to listen, on the other hand, this knowledge of "systems and organizations.

The trial court is a battle which must be known and the ground rules.

The strategic analysis that we propose will act in the best forces in (acts of your record, capacity for action, strength and weakness of the opponent) and your goals.
This is a real added value.

The experience we have gained shows that it is crucial in many situations.

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