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The construction involves all stakeholders in the act of building comprising a part of the clients and secondly, the landlord authority. (To link with thesaurus).

The term landlord refers to structure the contract to hire equipment that connects manufacturers with the owner as defined in section 1710 of the Civil Code.

The Law of Construction is characterized by the multiplicity and specificity of the role of each player and also by the peculiarity of the relationship between landlords to work, different reports depending on whether the private markets or public markets .

The Construction Law is characterized by an entanglement interaction and special rules with general provisions by specific interference.

Whether attending the client, the client delegate, the control office, the coordinator SPS, the general contractor, the architect, the contractor, the joint agent, each must respect the rules General and specific binding of distinct responsibilities, that under the rules of law.

Above all, it should implement the specific rules concerning the respective obligations of each stakeholder in the building act.

The intervention of our office can take place:

  • Upstream at the development and design for referrals preventive 

  • During the course of construction to resolve the difficulties arising from the interpretation of contracts, additional work, the execution of service, non-payment situations or DGD, 

  • At the time of receipt, legal act essential 

  • For the involvement of legal guarantees (perfect guaranteed annual completion guarantee Biennial functioning, year guarantee) and other common law obligations, 

  • Disaster to determine the responsibilities of each play and guarantees underwritten by their insurance (link to construction insurance). 

  • Expertise in judicial, 

  • Throughout the proceedings before the Courts
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