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Fees of office

Fees are discussed during the first appointment.

  • The fees charged by the lawyer cover the three following positions:
    • Overhead and operating costs of the firm (wages, premises, secretarial, insurance, training, documentation, computer and office equipments and etc. ...),
    • Expenses related to personal business (URSSAF, pension fund, etc),
    • VAT at the current rate (19.6%), taxes and fees.

  • Two major types of compensation are performed:
    • The remuneration package
    • Pay time
      which may be accompanied by a fee of results depending on the nature of the case.
    • The remuneration package may be appropriate for simple procedures where the workload could be easily determined in advance.
      It's an advantage give a possibility to the client to provide the sum of money he should pay.
      It has the disadvantage of not being adapted to the unpredictable situations that can always be in the follow-up. So if finally a case needs smaller investment, than had been expected, the client wouldn't have any reduces.
      That why, we accept the remuneration package only in exceptional case.
    • The fees by hour, which are preferred by the Cabinet, are based on an hourly rate applied to the number of hours spent on the case.
      This method of calculation, the most popular between lawyers, is more adapting to the work done during the case. Indeed, a procedure might be a subject of many twists, incidents etc.... difficult to predict, or reach in agreements of the parties.
      A normal hourly rate charged by lawyers in Paris was a study of the monthly CAPITAL No. 215, August 2009 and is equal 250 euros HT per hour.

  • Success fees

    This fee can not be the own remuneration, it always completes the regular pay for the lawyer.

    When the mission entrusted to the lawyer is completed successfully, the Client engages to give him a sum proportional to the issues in dispute.

    The Cabinet envisages this type of fees systematically because it is the only mode that rewards efficiency of the lawyer and the relevance of its strategy

  • Convention fees

    This document formalizes the agreement between Client and Counsel on its remuneration arrangements.
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