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Insurance - Construction

After the Spinetta Act of December 31, 1978, Builders Insurance is related to their responsibilities (to link with Thesaurus).

The insurance should be obligatory and imposed by the Act (decennial insurance, work-injury insurance) or optional (insurance against damage intermediaries, etc ...).

In case of disaster, companies and landlords might be responsible under their contractual obligations.

Our firm may act upstream to advise and analyze insurance contracts, to assist in negotiating with insurers on premiums, to intervene in case of disaster.

Disaster for which the landlord's responsibility to work will be under taken, the insurer will first examine the conditions of the contract before issuing the guarantee.

This is subject to discord leading to litigation.

Is a mutual agreement is reached, or the resolution of claims will be handled by Justice.

A forensic examination will then generally ordered to determine precisely the nature of disasters, their causes, liabilities incurred and the amount of compensation to consider.

Liability and insurance builders are one of the core competence of the firm (related to submission of the Cabinet).

We will assist you in negotiating insurance contracts for the execution of court decisions.

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